Building Construction

We provide professional service for Building Construction. We ensure that the desires of our clients are met with the consideration of a convenient delivery date. Our aim also is to provide an “I am confident” experience when employing our services.​


Architectural Designs

it is our obligation to render Professional Architectural Designs to our clients both for exterior and interior part of buildings. We provide compleat Architectural Designers to design commercial and industrial buildings, as well as buildings intended for private use.


Building Renovation & Remodelling

We provide a satisfactory service in repairs, changing the appearance, structure, or function of a building. Our team of capable and reliable hands do their best in meeting client’s specification.


Real Estate Development

Reya Construction Nigeria Limited is a Company in Benin City. It serves a purpose of providing real estate services in a newly developed community with basic amenities such as light, security and assess roads.


Land Sourcing & Acquistion

We assists clients to find sites suitable for development to erect structures of all kinds. We provide safe and secure locations for all our clients. We also take pride in our delivery, hence our clients can always be assured that the most qualified persons are serving them all the time

IT Engineering

It is our job to create, install, or troubleshoot technology and software programs to meet the needs of our clients and potential clients. Trust is also paramount in rendering services, and we give 100% of that.


Electrical & Electronic Engineering

We analyze the requirements and costs of electrical systems. Provide the best Electrical engineers to design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment such as power generation equipment and many others. The aim is to make clients get over technical hurdles in their various endeavors.


Power Engineering

We at Reya Construction Limited also specializes in the delivery of integrated solutions for energy, food and beverage, facilities, communications, environmental, and federal markets. We make sure that our clients gets a listening ear to all of their requirements, and in return we deliver the best.


Mechanical Engineering

We provide the best team to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. We also do design and fabrication, blasting and painting.

Why Work With Us

We work with our partners to streamline project plans that
don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on
time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where
every day counts.

  • Reliable, on-time service
  • Experts & Professionals
  • Functional and technical support
  • Trained and knowledgeable workforce